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How We Build Websites That SELL PRODUCT

Our secret sauce to making A LOT of sales online

The first step to make sales online is to drive traffic from external sources to your website. Having a massive social media presence is helpful, but if you are just starting out or if you were never in the game, you more than likely don’t have a huge following. No need to sweat. You don’t need a following to make sales online. There is this wonderful service offered by several social media sites called, Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC). Don’t want to spend money on PPC? The free route will take you at least two years to build a decent following, ONLY IF you know what you are doing. Our CEO, Joshua Noel spent two years of his life growing one of his Youtube Channels to 10,000 subscribers, without spending a penny! And he did it when he was only 15 years old (2007-2009)! But you’re probably a little older and want to start making sales quickly. The ideal route to making sales in a short amount of time, is PPC.

Of course it’s not fun throwing your money at Facebook in hopes of driving traffic to buy your products. It can be scary. Especially if you don’t know what you’re doing and if you are underprepared. Your campaign has to be interesting. We don’t believe in the middle-ground game. BE EXCITING or don’t waste your money.

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Who cares how a website looks? If you’re not making sales, you can’t run your business. We design our websites in conjunction with our sales funnel. After the funnel strategy has been planned out, we then let our creativity design our website. However, the design of our websites are limited to the navigation of the site. We NEVER create websites that are confusing and make users have to spend more than two seconds trying to understand the layout. These are just a few fundamentals we follow.

Let’s talk about converting and making sales.

When a new visitor lands on our website from the start our funnel, we have to assume there is only a matter of seconds to hold their attention. From this point,  we have a handful of elements at our disposal. A customer lands on our homepage and BAM! There is an engaging video on the banner with an attention-grabbing title above it. Next to the video is a email sign-up form that offers free content upon registration. If the email sign-up isn’t someone’s cup of tea, we then invite the visitor to follow us on a social media site for alternative free content.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of how our websites make sales before a user scrolls down the page. We haven’t even talked about how our websites drive sales when a user scrolls down or goes to another page. To learn more, sign up for our email list and instantly receive the Full PDF version of this guide on Making Sales Online! 😉

The final step to driving a potential customer down your sales funnels and making them a buyer, is to have an engaging content strategy. If you create one video or design a graphic and think it’s enough to make consistent sales, you do not have a good content strategy. Not everyone will buy your product on the first visit after falling down your funnel. Maybe they did buy a product on their first visit, but did they buy all of your products? Usually, the average consumer needs to see your brand 7 times before they buy (Rule of Seven). So hopefully your website made the user sign-up on an email list and/or made them become your social media follower.

Now that you have retained a potential customer, you have to keep them engaged and send them fresh content as often as possible. There’s a ton of options available to you at this stage. You can send emails, post to social media, upload new videos, write a meaningful blog, give out free content, start a conversation with them, send discounts, OR… you can do nothing if you don’t have a good content strategy.

There are a lot of creative and fun opportunities at your disposal when it comes to content creation. There are free methods for you to pursue and effective investments with great returns. To learn more about these methods, sign-up for our email list and instantly receive access to our Full PDF guide on Making Sales Online.